How to take advantage of your smartphone’s address book – Video Tip

2015-03-23_16-44-30If you use a smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc) or tablet, then you have the world’s best and most convenient address book! Using your mobile devices address book to its maximum starts with making sure that you are adding all the information about a person that you might need.

Consider including all or some of the following in your digital contact list (address book):

  • Home, cell, work and alternate phone numbers
  • Home, work and alternate email addresses
  • Home and work physical addresses
  • Use the notes section to add personal information about friends, family and colleagues that would be helpful to have handy.

Taking the time to add all this information not only gives you access to it from any computer (because your address book is backed up via an account service from Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc), but it also makes all this information searchable!

Here’s a short video showing how to create your complete address book entry:

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