How to use Picasa to backup ALL your photos to an external hard drive – Video Tip

Picasa Logo

One of my long time customers called me the other day with a question about not being able to backup his photos using Picasa without errors. Upon some research, I discovered that he was simply hitting the burn button to quick. To avoid repeating his problem, wait for Picasa to finish calculating the backup job before hitting the burn button.

While doing this research, I also discovered how to use Picasa to backup all your photos to an external hard drive or a network drive:

  1. Start Picasa
  2. Click Tools –> Backup from the menus
  3. Click New Set
  4. Type a name for your external or network drive
  5. Select Disk-to-disk backup option
  6. Click Choose to find the drive and folder where you want Picasa to backup your photos
  7. Click Create
  8. Click Select All
  9. Click Backup

Both of these Picasa tips are demonstrated in this video:

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