I want to be a Linux geek

Microsoft drove me into the world of Linux and its various flavors including Mint, Puppy, PC Linux OS, Dream, Damn Small, gOS and many more. This trek started two years ago (can you correlate that time frame?) and my veracity for learning it hasn’t ebbed one bit. In fact, I find the world of Linux more compelling every time I sit down and learn more about it. I’m writing this article from my Asus EeePC that runs a Linux derivative and its performance impresses me every time I use it.

I’m writing this article, however, to try and drum up some local support here in Western Colorado to start a Linux/Ubuntu users group. Everything I learn about Ubuntu and Linux comes from experimenting, using, and reading. I learn the best from watching others who are more knowledgeable than I. And thus the shout out for Linux nerds and wannabes like me. I can pick up more information and skill in one hour spent talking and watching a bigger geek than me than a whole week schlepping through online manuals, books, and bulletin boards.

I think many people learn the same way. Most of us seem to absorb more through demonstration and conversation than from solo learning. If you live in Western Colorado, specifically Grand Junction area, and would be interested in meeting once a month or so to learn and share information about Linux, please comment below and lets see where this project might take us.

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