“I went over to the dark side”

The title of today’s entry was a quote from a customer of mine that I saw in a store today where I stopped to get a refreshing beverage. He was referring to the fact that he bought a Macintosh computer.

Adam and I both get similar comments with reference to Macintosh computers. The reality is that WE LIKE MACINTOSH computers. We just don’t talk about them much because so few people use them. Overall they are great machines and run very well. They are safer to use on the Internet, but I don’t agree with the common misconception that they are "easier to use" than Windows based computers.  That was the case 10 years ago when Windows was still breaking out of its shell, but not so much today.

In fact, in many ways Windows’ computers are easier to use because of the vast amount of software available and the fact that help for Windows’ computers is more readily available than Macs.

My customer stated that he decided to buy his Mac to use it as his primary digital photography machine.  

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