I’m a newspaper guy


photo credit: chelseagirl

I never watch news channels or evening news programs. Since I could read, I enjoyed reading newspapers. Although seriously lacking in substance, I still enjoy reading a morning newspaper with my breakfast. I enjoy holding the paper, hearing the crinkle and being able to rip out articles, circle ads, and even separate circulars from it before bringing it into the house. I will continue to subscribe and receive newspapers at my house as long as they are available.

When the web first started up, en masse, about 15 years ago, The New York Times, LA Times, and Wall Street Journal all came out as pay only web sites. Newspapers all around the country hoped they would succeed so they could follow suit. They held on as long as possible, but finally succumbed and offered their information for free. Now, newspapers are again looking at a pay for play option.

Since I don’t enjoy reading newspaper content on a computer screen, for the most part, I won’t be an earlier adopter. Do you still read newspapers? Would you or have you subscribed to online newspapers? Read an article on the subject by clicking the link below.

NewsFactor Network | Want To Read All About It Online? It May Cost You.

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