Introduction to Windows 10 Changes – Video Tip

Microsoft released Windows 10 less than 2 weeks ago. I wrote a short article about whether or not to update to Windows 10 here, if you want to read it.

In today’s video tip, I point out some of the changes in Windows 10’s Start menu (yes it is back you disgruntled Windows 8 users…me included), the Windows Explorer, now renamed File Explorer, and some quick tips on how to customize the Start Menu and get familiar icons back like Control Panel and My Computer, now renamed This PC.

This will be the first of many Windows 10 related tips you will see here at! I would really enjoy hearing from you about tips you would like to share or issues you would like me to expand on regarding Windows 10 or any computer topic…just leave a comment below!

Thanks and enjoy this new Windows 10 tip!

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