Keep your Mac running clean & fast


photo credit: Angels Gate

Macintosh computers run remarkably quick and smooth when you first buy and set them up. However, over time, like any computer, they can begin to feel somewhat sluggish. To keep your Apple Macintosh computer running quick and smooth, try these hints:

Leave your computer on overnight at least once every week or two. The Macintosh Operating System (which is based on Unix) will run maintenance and cleanup tasks in the wee hours of the morning. By regularly allowing your computer to stay on overnight, these services will be rendered automatically for you resulting in a smoother running computer. If you have sleep mode enabled on the system, disable it when you leave it on so the tasks may run.

Download and install MacJanitor so you can run disk and system maintenance any time you choose.

Alternately, there are two other shareware products you can try as well: Main Menu or Macaroni.

Do you have any tips or software you use to keep your Mac running well?

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