Keep your system running clean

It’s easy to become a digital pack rat. However, using all this space on your computer can contribute to slower performance.

Here are some tips of how to keep your system clutter free.

* Use the Disk Cleanup utility (Windows 98 and Me users) to delete temporary windows and Internet files.
* If you use a digital camera or scanner, archive your older images on a ZIP disk or CDR (also important for backups).
* Keep your email folders cleaned out…especially delete unwanted Sent messages and don’t forget to empty your deleted email folder as well.
* Speaking of email, also delete any unwanted email attachments you have received (AOL users look for your downloaded files under the C drive, then AOL, then Download folder)
* Delete any programs you no longer need or use by using the Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel or the program’s own uninstall utility found in its program group.

Following these simple guidelines and doing regular scan disks and defrags, your system should run smoothly for years.

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