LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. They are designed to last for years and come in mostly green and red. However, you will find orange and blue ones as well. Where? Look on the front of your stove, microwave, TV, DVD, VCR, digital alarm clock, computer tower, power strip, modems, routers, cell phones, printers, electric tooth brushes. They are literally everywhere. At night my office looks like the Las Vegas Strip! Tonight, I decided to photography the lights to see how they would come out. The picture doesn't do justice to the light these little guys can emit, but you get the idea.

What got me started thinking about LED's was a new power supply I had to install for my kids' computer. It was the least expensive 450 watt power supply I could find. After installing it, I noticed a bright blue light coming from the back of their computer…the entire bottom of the new power supply was a series of bright blue LED's. Makes a good night light!

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