Listen to music online customized for your tastes…for FREE.

This past week I learned about an incredibly convenient and useful web site that allows you to listen to unlimited online music for free. The site is Pandora Radio. Sure there are other web sites and radio stations that let you do the same thing, but this one also customizes your station based on your musical tastes…for free (requires listening to a commercial occasionally). Or you could do like I did, and pay the yearly fee ($30) for commercial free listening on any computer, smartphone or tablet (like the iPad).

I typed in Steve Miller Band and within a few moments Jungle Love started playing followed by Stealers Wheel’s Stuck in the Middle wtih You, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Under the Bridge, Tom Petty’s Listen to her Heart, and the Spin Doctors singing Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong. All songs and groups that I enjoy. If it happens to miss with a prediction, you can click the next button and move on to the next song. After about an hour of listening tonight, I have yet to push the next button.

My experience is not unique either. The folks who told me about Pandora all related similar success stories. Based on a single artist or song name, the site uses years of music study and comparison to predict what you might like for other music. The results are remarkably accurate. To learn more about how they do this, be sure to read about their Music Genome Project.

If you have a high speed Internet connection and like music, be sure to give Pandora Radio a spin! If you are already a Pandora fan, leave a comment below with your experiences.

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  1. Sharon February 11, 2012 Reply

    I set it up as soon as I read the email. Love it. The video is also helpful for setting up your own stations. Thank you again for all your helpful tips.

    • Author
      Rick February 12, 2012 Reply

      Excellent! Glad you are enjoying Pandora too!

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