Lose the ads in the Netscape Messenger (email) Preview Pane

Here is how to get rid of those email ads from Netscape:

1. Click on Start –> Find –> Files or folders 

2. Type: *prefs.js in the "find" box 

3. Make sure the Look in box says My Computer 

4. Click Find now 

5. The search should yield at least two files (depends on how many profiles you have set up in Netscape) 

6. RIGHT click on each of the files and click Edit 

7. Type or copy and paste the following line into the file: user_pref("mailnews.start_page.enabled", false); 

8. Make sure that you type it EXACTLY as above starting with user and ending with the semi-colon. 

8. Close and save the files

Make sure to perform this procedure without Netscape being open.

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