Must read article for ALL computer illiterate users

I detest the phrase computer illiterate, but unfortunately hear it almost daily in my work. I think the better way for a computer user who feels inadequate around the technology and the terminology is to refer to themselves as time challenged. Since illiteracy can be thwarted with a healthy dose of education, that leaves making the time to obtain that education the stumbling block.

However, I used that too often uttered phrase to attract the attention of those folks who indeed feel that way because now it is costing you a great deal of money, time and grief in the way of fake security popups that evade any security system because they are targeted at unaware, unsuspecting, and uneducated computer users. I have written an extensive article about this phenomenon here, and would highly recommend you read it and all of its links NOW if you don’t want to succumb to this technological plague.

Today, however, I ran into another great article and infographic (click the smaller image below to view a full screen image) on the subject, which I linked in the original article and am linking here from Tech Crunch. Please read it, study the graphic, and keep yourself and your computer (and your wallet and time) safer.

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