My iPhone applications after 10 months


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From 1997 through August of 2008, I used only Palm based handheld organizers then the Visor Phone, Palm Treo 300, Treo 600, and Treo 755p.  I purchased an iPhone in August of 2008 because the iPhone proved itself in its short year of existence to be a valuable product, added the ability to allow third party applications, and gained access to the faster cellular networks. With very few exceptions, I couldn’t be happier and haven’t missed my old Palm products.

I use my iPhone for many more functions than just the phone. So almost a year later, I took the following screen shot of the additional software I have added to the iPhone (some of it free, some of it purchased). I added 42 applications to my iPhone so far. Of these 42, I use maybe 8 of them regularly, and the rest sparingly.

After looking over this list, most of my apps are free ones. That could mean I’m either one cheap SOB or there are some excellent free applications out there. The answer is probably somewhere in the middle.

Here’s the breakdown:

FunctionCostWeight (ounces)
Total$949-$377990.6 ounces (5.6 pounds)
Cell Phone

Digital camera (compact)

Mobile Internet & Email


Mobile GPS

Voice recorder

Fitness tracker

MP3 Player

Portable Video Player

Portable Games

$10-20 (per game)2.4
E-book Reader

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What iPhone apps do you use and like? Any that you would recommend for me or other iPhone users?

Leave a comment below telling me which ones you like best or would recommend or just leave a comment about this article.

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