New Ubuntu Software Center – Video Tip

Ubuntu released their newest version this past October. In addition to cleaning up the code and making it boot faster, look better, and run faster, I think one of the nicest additions (particularly for beginners) is the Ubuntu Software Center. This tool allows users to easily search for and install programs and utilities with just a few clicks. Prior to the Software Center, the process was much more laborious.

Here are the steps that I demonstrate in the video:

  1. Start Firefox
  2. Erase any text in the address bar and type:
  3. Press Enter on your keyboard
  4. The Ubuntu Medibuntu page will appear. Highlight and copy the first set of code under the Adding a Repository section
  5. Click Applications –> Accessories –> Terminal
  6. Click Edit —> Paste form the menus (or push Ctrl+Shift+V on your keyboard)
  7. Press Enter on your keyboard
  8. Type your Ubuntu user password (or admin password)
  9. Press Enter on your keyboard
  10. Wait for the repositories to be added
  11. Switch back to Firefox
  12. Copy the second set of codes
  13. Switch back to Terminal
  14. Paste in the new command
  15. Push Enter on  your keyboard
  16. Close Terminal
  17. Close Firefox
  18. Click Applications –> Ubuntu Software Center
  19. Now you can search for or browse for applications you would like to add, click the title you want to consider, read more about it, look at its screen shot and then click the Install button if you decide to install it.

Watch all these steps in the video below:

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