Online course: How to use Gmail in your business or organization to save time and money

I need your help. Can you please help drive friends, family or colleagues to this class I created?

For more than 15 years, I have been living and breathing my goal to help all computer users feel a little more comfortable with their computers and technology.

When it comes to businesses and organizations, of all sizes, I work tirelessly to help make their technology as painless and seamless as possible in their lives. Part of this goal is learning how to fit the best technologies to the things the business, organization or individual want to accomplish.

All businesses and organizations (non-profit and otherwise) use email. For years, the standard was using Microsoft Outlook as the main email interface. This worked great when we all used just one computing device, but does not work at all now that we have smartphones, tablets, and multiple computers.

My recommendation, for years now, has been to embrace online email access and particularly Google’s Gmail. I changed over more than 5 years ago and have never looked back and it saved me valuable time and money.

I am proud to announce that I just finished publishing my first online course that describes why an organization or business should and can move to Gmail for their electronic communication and how it will save them time and money. Then, in the course, I provide video instruction on exactly how to setup the Gmail accounts, track the accounts, configure the accounts, secure the accounts, import contacts, and much more…complete with handouts, Q&A and more.

The course is delivered through which offers courses on thousands of topics and makes online learning fun, easy, and effective.

Please help me spread the word about this course. Click the Facebook share button below or email the link to friends and family who might run small businesses or other organizations and could use help saving time and money with their email communication.

Of course, feel free to take the course yourself, if interested, but it is designed for helping small business, home business, and organizations take control of their email and give them better tools and access.

For the first 100 students, I’m offering a special discount of 50% of the already ridiculously inexpensive normal price of $59. So for less than $30, small businesses or organizations can save hundreds of dollars or more per year and countless hours by putting this information into practice.

To get the 50% off rate, just enter the code: HelpMeRick in at checkout or just click here.

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