Ordering HP – Compaq Recovery CD’s

Few computer manufacturers include the original installation disks or even recovery disks for new computers today. Almost every computer user will have a need to access these important disks over the life time of the machine. Most computer makers' web sites allow you to order these recovery CD's via their support sections. Also, you can (and should) make your own set of recovery CD's or DVD's through tools installed by your manufacturer on your computer. These tools can usually be found on the desktop or the Programs menu.

If you own an HP or Compaq computer, however, finding where to order these disks online is fruitless. The best method for ordering the Recovery CD's for HP or Compaq is calling their parts line at:  1-800-227-8164. They cost between $15 and $20 plus shipping. When calling, make sure to have your credit card ready and the model, serial, and manufacturer numbers of your computer. 

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