Our Top Internet Information Sites 2005

We started publishing this list about three years ago. I fully admit that I am an information junkie and enjoy finding the answers to questions as soon as they come up. I tend to use a core group of sites to find my information. In this list you will see some perennial favorites and some new ones that I started using over the past year.

In no particular order, my favorite information gathering web sites are:

  • Google – Hands down the best place to start when you are searching the Internet

  • Google News – An often overlooked function of Google that let’s you research news sources world wide

  • Food TV – An excellent place to gather all kinds of recipes and cooking hints

  • IMDB – This massive site known as the Internet Movie Database provides any kind of information you could want regarding movies, actors, and more.

  • Merriam Webster Dictionary – A standby on my bookshelf for years, this web reference provides tons of word tools including pronunciations, definitions, and a thesaurus .

  • Microsoft Support – The same massive database that Microsoft tech support people use.

  • Spyware Warrior – Spy and adware have become the largest (preventable) threat to Windows computing. This site sits on the front lines fighting this beast.

  • Download.com – I love using small developer programs that solve a particular digital need. This site let’s you search and download the best of today’s shareware.

  • Bartlett’s Quotations – I think you have heard of this one.

  • My Yahoo! – My very own customizable newspaper…FREE and updated up to 12 times per day!

  • Big Book or Dex Online – Yellow pages for the ENTIRE United States!

  • Intellicast – More weather information than you can shake an umbrella at!

  • Wikipedia – An amazing project dubbed ‘the people’s encyclopedia’. This online encyclopedia allows anyone to contribute and edit the stories. You have to check this site out!

  • Stumble! – Although not technically an information site, StumbleUponIt is a toolbar you add to your browser (we highly recommend doing this only in Firefox). Clicking it randomly jumps you to a site from the list of categories  you have pre-chosen. We have found some great sites with this service.

Many other great and useful web sites are available online, but these are my primary information gathering sites. Call or write us today and let us know which ones YOU find the most helpful!

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