Print just what you want…

I am resurrecting this great tip from my archives. This tip first appeared about four years ago on the show and then the web site. I wanted to share it again because of our new listeners and the extreme usefulness of the tip.

Printing information from the web can sometimes be frustrating. A long web page yields reams of paper when you only wanted a couple of pages. Read on to learn how to print only the pages you want!

Firefox/Internet Explorer/AOL

  1. Highlight the part of the page you want to print with your mouse

  2. Click on File —> Print

  3. In the print dialog box that pops up, choose "Selection" from the print range area

  4. click OK or Print

This same procedure can also be used in email and word processors to print just a portion of a document. Simply highlight (select) the text you want to print, then follow the steps above.

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