Printing Internet Explorer Favorites

Many people have asked me how to print their Internet Favorites. If you are like me and have hundreds of bookmarks or favorites, you might go through a ream of paper printing them. It is more efficient to back them up as I describe in this tip.

If you really want to print them, here are the steps:

1. From Internet Explorer, choose "File" – "Import and Export".
2. Click Next
3. Select Export Favorites and click Next.
4. Make sure the Favorites folder is selected, and click Next.
5. Select Export to a File or Address.
6. Click the Browse button and choose the Desktop
7. Click Finish
8. Click OK
9. Close all windows and double-click on the bookmarks file that is on your desktop.
10. Click File –> Print
11. When the Print box appears, click the Options tab.
12. Check Print table of links box (important step).
13. Click the General tab
14. Click Print (and have plenty of paper)


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