Quickly Navigating to a website

When you read about a web site or hear one advertised on the radio or TV, do you know hot to get to it quickly?  If no, here’s how:

This tip will work with ANY online service or browser or operating system.  

As you are reading this tip, look toward the top of your monitor.  Do you see a long white box with an http:…. address in it?  This is called the browser address or location bar.  You will interact with it to successfully complete this tip.

  1. Click ONE time anywhere in the long white address bar toward the top of the screen (the current address will become highlighted)
  2. Type the address of the web page you are looking for (ex:  www.helpmerick.com   note that you do NOT have to type the http:// part of the address)
  3. Push ENTER or RETURN on your keyboard and you will be transported the address you typed.

That’s it, no more complicated than these three steps.  Just make sure that your spelling is correct and that you use periods instead of commas. 

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