Re-thinking my mobile tech

Handspring Visor phone

Right now, I carry an iPhone, an Asus EeePC netbook (running Ubuntu 10.04 NBR) on a daily work day basis. When I travel, I carry the iPhone and usually the EeePC. I also own a 13″ Toshiba laptop that I dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7, but I only use the Toshiba only for teaching and presentations.

My thought process is:

  1. Should I sell both the Toshiba and the netbook and get a thinner, lighter laptop?
  2. Just sell the netbook and stay with the Toshiba?
  3. Sell the netbook and get an iPad or one of the upcoming iPad competitors running other operating systems?
  4. Sell the Toshiba and the netbook, and get a slightly bigger netbook to replace both devices?

As a traveling tech trainer and troubleshooter, my netbook is extremely handy to have with me when troubleshooting, backing up dead hard drives, or just being productive at a coffee shop during the day when I have a few moments. However, I know my Toshiba is horribly under used and I dislike having a device that has such small usage times.

Option 1 or 4 probably make the most sense, but option 2 has a lot of practical merit as well. What do you think?

My most important mobile tech remains my smartphone.

I think I was the first person (and one of the only people) to purchase the Handspring Phone Adapter almost 10 years ago in my home town. I carried various Palm PDAs and immediately recognized the promise of having a single device that combined the utility of a PDA with the necessity of a mobile phone. When Handspring and Sprint combined on the bulky phone combination (see attached photo), I was thrilled and not disappointed a bit about the promise and possibilities of the combined device.

Smartphones today are thinner, lighter, and much smarter than my first devices, but the space is developing quickly and for techies like me, it makes decision making difficult. I switched to the iPhone from the now defunct Palm Treo almost two years ago and have had almost no problems. It’s light, thin, and powerful. ATT’s coverage lacks in many ways, but not enough to scare me away from my purchase.

This summer as my current 2 year contract expires, I now am finding myself intrigued and impressed with the new Google Android phones. Apple will release a new version of the iPhone this summer, and Android operating system and phones continue to make huge strides in usability and utility.

My last question is:  iPhone or Android? and why.

My goal is to get my mobile tech from 3 devices to just 2. I’ll keep you posted, but would love to get your take on my situation and how you handle your own mobile tech needs…leave a comment below!

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