Reader challenge: Computer boot time results

After two weeks and more than 21,000 visits to the web site, the survey only produced 225 responses (thank you to those who filled out the survey). I hoped to amass at least 1000 responses, but it was still an interesting experiment. The Google Web Form attached to Google Documents worked simply and flawlessly.

The survey will remain open and you can access it by clicking here. Google Docs automatically generated the results below, but any Excel or database guru out there that wants to take a look at the raw data and shoot me back some more detailed results correlating operating systems, RAM, etc, feel free! The spreadsheet is attached below the article.

UPDATE:  Jason H. took the challenge and came up with some great statistical data from this little project. View or download his analysis below in the attachments. Thanks Jason!

 Boot survey results 1


Boot results 2 

 Boot results 3

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