Rick Answers his Email Videocast – 061

Chalmers paid to have his question read first this week followed by questions from Radha, Greg, Briel, Violet, Sue, Betty, Donna, Gary, Marty, Howard Kristen, Ariane, Robert, and Don. Chalmer’s question concerned a very old computer, and in order, the other questions were about a programmers application conflict with Vista Aero, Ubuntu users group, changing desktop wallpaper, screen resolution problem, trouble subscribing to my newsletter, saving photos from email, another screen resolution issue, CCleaner problem on a laptop, AVG installation, printing list of music after burning a CD, another wallpaper problem (related to spyware), more spyware problems, and a clarification on saving an embedded photo from an email.

Take a look at the actual questions and their answers in the video below:

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