Rick Answers his Email Videocast – 063

Wow, tons of great questions this week from Donna, Deborah, Craig, Jay, Chris, Larry, Gloria, Jack, Ralph, James, Robert, Darren, Leo (who just said hi), Marge, Janette, Joyce, Leo Jason, Emir, Bob, Glenna, Enoch, and Alice.

In order, they asked questions about installing Flash in Firefox, a stolen email address, moving to a Mac, viewing large pictures sent as email attachments, removing spyware (2 in a row), HP scanning software, fake update emails, improving boot up speed, a laptop screen problem, transferring favorites to Firefox from IE, opinion about ThreatFire, how to send smaller pictures via email, adding a photo to a blog, using Picasa to create special effects, Windows 7 launch party question, where to find computer components locally, missing desktop icons, backup recommendations, removing the Quick Launch toolbar, how to copy & paste, and what’s up with McAfee Security Scan. The answers to all these questions and more are located in these two videos:


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