Rick Answers his Email Videocast – 066

Tons of questions today from Dan, Charline, Jader, Chinmoy, Raymond, Quen, Shirley, Lorraine, Deb, Janat, Walter, Gloria, Bsil, Jim, Kim, Phil, Debbie, Sue, Dave, Harold, and Terry.  They asked about virus removal, router settings, changing the desktop, setting up email in Thunderbird, new tech advice, lost Gmail password, learning how to use a Mac, Adobe Flash woes, another router issue, AVG install problems, a cryptic startup message, HelpMeRick.com poll feedback, another AVG install issue, Windows 7 64 bit question, connecting to wireless on the road, duplicating Internet Explorer windows, safely giving away a computer, and saving images from email.

Here are all those answers:

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