Save yourself some grief…

And money and time.

We have many tips on our web site concerning passwords . The number one issue with passwords is remembering them.

It’s crazy how many computer users I help that tell me, “I don’t have a password.”, when I query them about their email or Internet password to troubleshoot a problem or setup a new computer.


It may have been years since you had to remember what it is, but at some point you will be asked for it. Use some of the great (and free) software packages available to manage your passwords. Or at the least write them down in a central location; small address books work well, post-it notes, not so much.

After witnessing a nearly two hour call to multiple agencies by a new customer today to try and retrieve a lost password, I was inspired to write this short article. She was literally exasperated and rightfully so, but you can avoid this type of problem by following some of the advice about passwords that we have laid out on this site.

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