Search the Internet Quicker

Many Internet surfers have discovered and benefited from a great search engine called Google. Doing basic searches with this engine can reduce the time it takes to find relevant information. 

Most good web sites will have a search engine that just searches its own site (see ours on the bottom of most of our pages). As helpful as these can be, they sometimes fall short in finding the precise information you are looking for. Using a feature of Google called ‘site searching’, you can have Google’s search engine do the work that the site’s engine cannot. 

In our example, we want to look up articles about fly fishing. If we search for fly fishing as a term by itself, the return is enormous. Let’s say our favorite outdoor magazine is Field and Stream, we could limit the search to just its web site by typing the following in Google’s search box:

fly fishing

Type your search word or term, then a space and then site:web address. Use this search technique for searching any web site using Google and you will find your searching success rate rise.  

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