Sending email blindly (BCC) – Video Tip

Here is a tip to cut down on those hideous email headers and help take a huge bite out of email spam.

If you are planning on sending an email to more than a few people, use the BCC or “blind carbon copy” function. Instead of addressing them all in the “to” section of your email, use the BCC instead. This allows you to still send the email to all the people on your list, but the recipients will not see any of the people to whom the mail was addressed!

In the follow video, I demonstrate how to use the BCC in Outlook 2007, Windows Mail (Vista version of Outlook Express and same method as Outlook Express), Mozilla Thunderbird, Yahoo email, and Gmail.

Please, watch this video, learn the technique, use the technique, and forward this tip to all your friends using the BCC method!

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