Sending pictures via email

Computer users are always grateful to learn new tricks of the trade. One ‘trick’ that was implemented with Windows XP more than five years ago continues to escape many computer users…send pictures via email efficiently. Sure you might be sending digital photos as attachments, but can you send more than one at time? Are you resizing your photos before sending them so they don’t require horizontal and vertical scrolling? Do they travel quickly through the Internet or do they take a long time to transmit?

No matter now…this tip will get you sending multiple, appropriately sized photos quickly with Windows XP.


  1. Open your "My Pictures" folder or other folder where your pictures might be that you want to send.
  2. Select the photos you want to email (to select multiple pictures, hold down the "CTRL" key on your keyboard as you click the photos you want to send). Six at a time is a good figure not to exceed.
  3. Click the "Email the selected items" option at the left of the screen in the Task list bar.
  4. Click Ok on the next screen (asking you to resize your photos).
  5. Wait a few seconds and  your email will pop-up with the pictures attached and resized.
  6. Address it, adapt the body and subject as you see fit, then click Send.

Note that this tip does not apply to web based email programs like Yahoo, Gmail, etc, but works great with Outlook, Outlook Express, and most other email systems.

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