Shopping story

By popular demand (thanks Jack), here’s the shopping store. A customer of
mine took advantage of the amazing computer deals at a local big box store
with matching initials. It was one of those computer, monitor, printer
packages. Turns out they sold her an ‘open box’ printer and though
apprehensive the manager assured her everything would be fine.

I show up to set everything up and take one look at the box and asked to
see her receipt. They charged her full price for the printer (three-in-one
HP) and gave her a gift certificate for $8.50. There was no packing
material around the printer, the cartridges were already installed and dry,
no printer software was included and the machine was clearly used. I
reccommended she take it back and demand a new one.

Unbelievable customer service. If they would have give her half off and a
set of cartridges it would have been worth the hassel of downloading the
drivers. But $8.50? Scandalous.

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