Simple wireless password security

Thankfully, more and more home computer users are securing their wireless networks. Most newer wireless routers offer to automate the whole process which works pretty well. However, if you are wanting a little more control, I recommend the following advice for setting up a wireless router:

First, make sure that you change the router configuration password. For example, you can log into any Linksys router by knowing that you can access it via the address. When asked for a password, leave the user name blank and type admin in the password box. Leaving your router access to the defaults opens up the possibility of the settings being doctored and changed. Instead, head directly to the administration or settings area of your router and change the default password. THEN WRITE IT DOWN AND KEEP TRACK OF IT.

Second and last, enable the wireless security on the router so that a password is required to access the wireless signal. You will only need to enter it once, but it prevents others from accessing your connection without the password. Use the WPA2 security option and use a password with a combination of upper and lower case letters, numerals and special characters. An easy one to use and hard one to hack would be something like: MyCell#is:970-200-0062 Whatever you use, WRITE IT DOWN AND KEEP TRACK OF IT.

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