Speech Recognition Software: Talk vs. Type

I’m one of the lucky people when it comes to computers.  Why?  Because I took a typing class when I was in high school.  Learning to keyboard is an important skill that makes using the computer much easier. Learning to keyboard, however can be an uphill battle.

Fortunately, voice recognition software has come of age. Voice or speech recognition software allows you to type letters, e-mail, or any document by speaking into a microphone versus tapping on the keyboard.  In fact, I am using speech recognition software to “write” this week’s tip. The product that I am using it is from Nuance called Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Tremendous strides in processor speed and memory capacity both contribute to the newfound success of speech recognition.  Having the computer take the human voice and convert it to written word requires an incredible amount of computing power…and today’s computers deliver.

If you have trouble typing or have a disability that does not allow you to type, speech recognition may be the answer for you.  With just a little training, and some patience you can achieve speeds of greater than 100 words per minute with nearly 95% or better accuracy.

Take a look at the two premier products Dragon NaturallySpeaking and IBM ViaVoice for more information.  You can also call the show on any Saturday to ask questions about how to utilize speech recognition with your computer.

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