Spell Check Help

Do you find yourself having to click on the Ignore or Skip button in your spell checker more than you would like?  

When you use spell check, the Ignore or Skip functions work great to skip a name or technical word you use in your industry.  However, if you want to make your spell check sessions even shorter, try this tip to allow your spell checker to learn the words you often type.

The next time your spell checker comes across an unknown word that is correctly spelled (like a person’s name or name of a place or a technical, legal, or medical word), don’t automatically click the Ignore or Skip button.  Instead, click on the Add or Learn button. 

Clicking on the Learn or Add button forces your spell checking program to remember that word so that it doesn’t stop on the word the next time you use the spell checker.

If you don’t want to add a word to your spell checker’s list, you can also save time by using the Ignore All or Skip All functions when spell checking a document.

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