Stop the Microsoft Office Agreement (EULA) from popping up every time you start Outlook, or Word or Excel

If you are using Microsoft Office 2003 and Windows Vista, you might run into a situation where the End User License Agreement pops up every time you start Outlook, Word, Excel or other Office programs. No matter how many times you click “I agree”, the license keeps appearing. To stop the EULA from appearing, follow these steps:

  1. Close ALL Microsoft Office related programs (Outlook, Publisher, Powerpoint, Excel, or Word)
  2. Click Start –> Computer
  3. Double-click the C drive (your primary hard drive)
  4. Double-Click the Program Files folder
  5. Double-Click the Microsoft Office folder
  6. Double-Click  the Office 11 folder
  7. RIGHT Click on any of the Office applications (Winword, Outlook, Excel)
  8. Click Run as Administrator
  9. The program will start and ask you to agree to the EULA (agreement) again and click I agree or Yes
  10. Close the program
  11. Close all open windows

Now you can use your Office 2003 programs normally.

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