sTRanGe Occurence

A client’s adult daughter had a problem where the ONLY site that she couldn’t pull up on the Internet was her bank. After thoroughly checking her computer for viruses and spyware, making sure firewalls were set properly, checking Internet settings and trying the site with multiple browsers, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. She is a cable Internet user and was sharing the connection via a Linksys wireless router. Nothing I could think of made a difference.

Today, she called me and was gleeful about her computer…she could get to her bank’s web site, log in normally. Turns out that after she unplugged the router and connected straight to her computer, the site became available. I have never heard of a router blocking just a single site (routers do act as firewalls as well). I told her how to reset the router to its factory settings in case someone may have ‘tweaked’ the router to block the banking site. If the factory reset didn’t work, she would have to get another router in order to share the Internet again.

Crazy problelm. Lesson learned, lesson shared.

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