Take Advantage of Window’s Folder Views

Viewing files and their attributes works great in all version of Windows IF you know hot to take advantage of the different folder views. It makes managing and searching through your files much easier.

In all versions of Windows, you can view files in List, Icon, Tile, or Details view. With Windows XP, you can view files in Thumbnail view or Filmstrip view for pictures.

  • Tile view shows an icon representing the program used to create or open the file, type of document and size of document

  • Icon view shows the icon as above, but with only the file name

  • List view shows a list of the files with small icons and file names

  • Details view (my favorite in many cases) shows the file names, small icons, date file was last modified (created) and size of the file.

  • Thumbnail view shows a small representation of the file so you can preview it without opening it.

  • Filmstrip view (only for pictures) allows picture viewing in a strip format

To change between these views, click the icon as represented in the graphic OR Click View from the menus and your desired view. From this same menu, you can also sort your files in many different manners. Take some time to become familiar with this tip…you will be glad you did!

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