Use keyboard shortcuts to save time editing text – Video Tip

Save some time when editing any type of text document (email, word processing document, blog, etc) by learning these keyboard shortcuts:

  • Press Home to get to the beginning of a line
  • Press End to move to the end of a line
  • Press Ctrl + Home to get to the top of a document
  • Press Ctrl + End to get to the end of a document
  • Press Ctrl + Up Arrow to get to the beginning of a paragraph
  • Press Ctrl + Down Arrow to get to the end of a paragraph

Watch the video below to see these shortcuts in action. You can also search my site for “keyboard shortcuts” to find other handy keyboard shortcut tips.

BONUS TIP:  Microsoft Word only keyboard shortcut:

When you open an existing Microsoft Word document, Word places the insertion point at the beginning of the document by default. However, if you would like to move the cursor to the location it was in when you were last working on the document, simply press Shift + F5 on your keyboard.

When you use press Shift + F5, Word performs the Go Back command, which moves the insertion point from its current location to the last location in which a modification, such as typing, deleting or formatting text, was made. This tip worked flawlessly until Word 2007, but it does work within a current session of Word 2007.

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