Thanks for my first million!

logo youtube On Sunday (1-10-10), my YouTube channel hit one million views! Sure, I wish it was my first million dollars, but it is my first million of anything.

In one of our sporadically held morning, brainstorming sessions,  Adam (co-host) mentioned that it might be a good idea to try and put some of the video tips I make on YouTube as a way to cross promote and take the video load off of our hosting service. That morning was December 1, 2006. That evening, I created the Castellini on Computers YouTube channel (CastTV) and uploaded the first few tutorials.

Today, just over three years later, the channel now has almost 300 videos, 700 subscribers, and as of today 1,000,523 video views.

When you watch a how-to video here at, the video is being served to you from the YouTube channel. If you click anywhere on any of the videos, you will be transported to the CastTV channel. Thank you for your contribution to the first million…please continue to visit the site AND pass on information about the site to all your computer friends and family.

In addition to endless, mindless videos available on YouTube, it has also given a platform for folks like me who try to help other people. Use my YouTube channel to learn more about your computer, but also search YouTube for just about anything you want to learn from baking a cake to fixing a flat to learning how to play the piano…it’s all there, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

By the way, the most popular video I’ve created is Learning Minesweeper (101,000 views) followed by Using Picasa and 3 Mac Tips for New Mac Users.

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