The embarrassing dangers of Picasa

I have learned to be careful when loading Picasa onto a client's computer.

Picasa is one of my favorite digital photography programs. Once you install it, it scans the entire computer for all digital photos. It catalogs them and displays them as thumbnails in order of date created.

The fact that it looks for and catalogs all of the photos on a computer has led to a little bit of embarrassment to a few of my clients.

Yesterday while working with a wonderful client, I installed Picasa to help her manage her digital photos easier. After installing it Picasa displayed a large porn collection. I knew that the photos were not there because of anything she had done so I had her look away while I deleted the photos.

She admitted that it was a little embarrassing. A relative of hers had been staying with her for some time and somehow managed to use up all of her time on an "unlimited" Internet account. Now she knows what he was up to.

I explained that there was no reason to be embarrassed since she didn't even know the photos were there. She said, "If they were there because of me, they wouldn't be of women."

Perhaps this could be a tip for parents, one way to checkup on your kids is to load Picasa into their account and see what kinds of photos appear in the catalog.

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