Troubleshooting HP Printer Network Issues

If you are using any HP printer that connects to your computer via a network (wireless or wired), you are bound to run into some issues with connecting to it. Fortunately, HP has built in a network troubleshooter that will help you solve these hiccups. Even before using that troubleshooter, however, try some simple steps first.

Here’s what I recommend for troubleshooting HP printer network problems:

  1. Shut off computer AND printer.
  2. Wait 30 seconds
  3. Turn on Printer
  4. Wait 30 seconds
  5. Turn on Computer
  6. After boot completes, try printing or scanning again. If everything is in working order, stop here. If not, continue through the steps.
  7. IF there is still a problem, double-click HP Solution Center
  8. Click Other option under “Other Settings” (see image)
  9. Click Network Toolbox
  10. Click Utilities
  11. Click Run Network Diagnostics and follow on-screen instructions.

Good luck!

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