Ubuntu – Day 4

I’m going to do a short written update to my Ubuntu trek, but record my first official “Shotgun Podcast” here shortly.

After only three days, I gave up on Evolution email as my email program. I like the program a lot, but unfortunately, I get way too much spam not to have a better anti-spam solution. So, I downloaded and installed Thunderbird today which while not perfect and far from my Cloudmark Desktop solution on my Windows machine, it is much better than the Evolution method.

My Tip of the Week took nearly four hours to produce on the Ubuntu machine. Since I’m new to the tools of the trade on Ubuntu, and they aren’t as refined for screencasts as on Windows, it took me a long time. I read a lot of forums, downloaded and tried different programs and finally got it all completed on my Ubuntu laptop. I almost gave up and ported the video to the Windows machine, but resisted and persevered here with Ubuntu. For my first shot, it’s not too bad.

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