Ubuntu – Day 7

Today marks the one week mark that I quit using my Windows Vista machine and started using Ubuntu exclusively. I pledged to use Ubuntu only for two straight weeks to really put the operating system through the paces of daily use. After a rough start with email and fighting spam, I am almost in a groove of using this free and robust operating system. I think that Microsoft has the work cut out for themselves over the next few years to maintain their huge share of the operating system pie.

When I first installed Ubuntu on a test machine almost five months ago, I wrote how optimistic I was for the system. After a full week with the machine, I maintain that optimism. I said then, and still believe that today, that Ubuntu would make a great operating system for anyone who ONLY needs to do email, web browsing, word processing, card and puzzle games, and some digital photography. If a user needs to break out of those areas and do things like desktop publishing, genealogy, video editing, and other specific applications, it can be done with Ubuntu, but requires much more expertise and troubleshooting abilities than a Windows machine…at the moment.

Keep reading all week long as I continue my two week trek into the world of Ubuntu.

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