Ubuntu – Day 9

After using this laptop for a solid week plus, I see pluses and minuses in laptop use. The Ubuntu continues to roll along perfectly. With Ubuntu, for the moment anyway, there is no need to install anti-virus or anti-spyware software because there are very few problems with Linux being hammered on like Windows. I’m running the base install of Ubuntu with no extra security software at all…definitely one reason that it is so fast compared to Windows Vista and XP. I did download and install the new Google Earth for Linux last night, and it works flawlessly in Ubuntu. I don’t use Google Earth often, but it is nice to have it and to see Google make a Linux version speaks volumes…in my opinion.

A commenter earlier in the week wanted to know how to install dial-up Internet on Ubuntu. The short answer: It isn’t easy. My default answer these days: Unless, you absolutely, positively have no other alternative, stay away from dial-up. Like the floppy disk, dial-up is dying a slow death. The Internet and email have matured to far for dial-up and now require faster pipes to carry their information. That being said, here are some links to help try and setup a dial-up connection with Ubuntu:

 Connecting to high speed Internet with Ubuntu requires only that you plug your Ethernet cable into the computer, turn on the computer and you are off and running. Wireless connections can be a little more finicky, but read some of my previous posts on how to make that easier also.


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