Use Alt+Tab or Command(Apple)+Tab to quickly change applications – Video Tip

Thanks to long time listener and web visitor, Daniel, for suggesting this week’s tip. I have been using this technique for more than twenty years, but in order to learn it, you really must see it in action. Thus, it was a natural for our Video Tips series.

For Ubuntu/Linux and Windows users, you can quickly switch between open programs by pushing Alt+Tab on your keyboard. Macintosh users have a key called the “Command” key on their keyboards. By holding down the Command+Tab key, Mac users can switch between their open programs.

Why use the keyboard instead of your mouse? Time. I didn’t run any official tests, but I’m willing to bet that it takes at least three times longer to look at your task bar or dock (how many of you know what that is?), hunt for the application you need to switch to, then click on that program than it does to use the Alt+Tab or Command(Apple key)+Tab technique.

I know this doesn’t make much sense reading it, so click the play button on the video below and watch it in action! I show the Windows technique first, Ubuntu second, and end with the Macintosh tip. All told it’s about 2.5 minutes…2.5 minutes that WILL change your computing life. Pass this tip on to ALL of your computer buddies.


Bonus tip: Starting with Windows Vista, Microsoft added an additional task switching keyboard shortcut:  Windows key + Tab.

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