Use Disposable Email Addresses to thwart spam

In our monthly computer user group today, the discussion some how made its way to disposable email addresses. Many web sites offer free, disposable email addresses you can create for one time use to sign up for a temporary web services, or make an inquiry to a web site that you don’t want to have your real email address. Beyond anonymity, using a disposable email address will reduce the amount of spam that comes into your real email inbox.

My first line of defense in fighting spam is maintaining more than one email address. I have email addresses for family and friends, one for shopping, one for newsletters, and one strictly for junk. I recommend opening multiple accounts via any of the online web mail systems like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hot Mail (now known as Windows Live Hotmail). These accounts are free and easy to manage.

If you prefer not to have mulitple email addresses, try one of these services to create temporary, disposable addresses instead:

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