Using dictation with your iPhone or iPad – Video Tip

If you own an iPhone and/or iPad AND you aren’t using dictation yet or don’t understand dictation, this tip is for YOU!

Dictation uses the Internet along with your device to convert your voice to text. You talk to your phone or iPad and then almost like magic, your voice is converted to text. Like any tool or skill, dictation takes a little practice, but once you get used to it, I believe you will find it invaluable.

Dictation has improved tremendously over the years and the ability to use dictation on a portable device still blows me away. To use dictation effectively remember these few tips:

  1. Speak naturally and clearly
  2. Any um’s and uh’s will be translated into text
  3. Remember to speak punctuation to minimize editing
  4. You can edit your text after you speak it
  5. Practice, practice, practice!

If you’ve never used dictation before, it truly is an interactive experience and needs to be seen to be understood. Watch this short video below to learn how to enable it on your portable device and how to use it!

Also, share this tip with all your friends and family so they can learn with you!


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