Vista Orb

Windows OrbHa, ha! I'm still laughing and smiling at this one. I've been talking a lot recently about Vista because there is so much to say and it is the current version of Windows we have now. 

Anyway, the picture you see in this article is not only the Windows Vista logo, but it is also the default replacement of the familiar start button in Windows Vista. The reason I bring it up and have been laughing for two days is that I guess the official term for it in Vista is the "Windows Orb". If you read a tip for Windows Vista (probably not on this site), that says click on the "Windows Orb", what they are referring to is the "Start" button that no longer says start, it's just the picture of the new Orb.

Ha, ha! I think this is hilarious. Isn't an orb something to do with magic and ancient fortune tellers? Smoke and mirrors? 

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