What did you learn today?

Prince of Wales, Sydney, 1920 / Sam Hood

photo credit: State Library of New South Wales collection

We started the Riding Shotgun series nearly three years ago to give folks a look at what it would be like to ride shotgun as Adam and I made our rounds as roving computer helpers/trainers.

I have used the platform to share anecdotes that happened during the day, post pictures of cool computer setups, climb aboard my soapbox and yack about computer security, passwords, etc, and share tech tips and solutions I learned throughout my day.

Yes, I learn something new every single day. If I can’t think of something that I learned on any given day, I consider that day incomplete.

Today, for example, I visited 6 homes and returned countless calls in addition to answering some email from customers. What did I learn through all this?

  1. You can’t pin a shortcut to a folder to the new Windows 7 taskbar.
  2. Windows 7 boots a thousand times faster than Vista…ok, I knew that, but I still like to point that out.
  3. Netbooks are getting too expensive. One customer paid nearly $500 for one!!
  4. I truly never get tired helping people learn about their Apple computers. Today, one client with a MacBook Pro, wanted to learn how to scan, download photos, and send them via email. Fun, fun, fun.
  5. I haven’t used iPhoto enough to really get it…still prefer Picasa on any platform.
  6. Dell computers (especially laptops) are getting increasingly poor reputations among general computer users.
  7. After thinking that spyware infected computers can be completely healed for awhile, I’m switching back to my old theory: Once infected, the only true way to completely clean a computer is a format and reinstall…and in the long run, this takes less time.
  8. Not enough people use Firefox or Chrome. OK, I knew this one already, too, but I like to remind you.
  9. Cooking bacon on a waffle iron is best way to cook it (via Twitter from Alton Brown)

I could list quite a few more actually, but I will stop for today. Wow, that was a pretty good day of learning!

What did you learn today?

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