What do Rick and Adam do during the week and what is their phone number?

A common misconception is that Adam and I spend our week sunning ourselves with our families on some exotic beach before returning to our mansions and counting our stacks of $100 bills.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. I own and operate a business called Grand Valley PC Partners in Grand Junction, CO. All my business is onsite home and office calls to help computer users get out of trouble, setup up new systems or Internet service, and teach users how to get the most out of their computer. I have been doing this for more than 10 years (the radio show is 7 years old).

Adam started his business, PC’s and Pixels, about five years ago and modeled his business off of mine. He makes house and office calls to do the same things I do. Being a photography guy, he also specializes in teaching people how to get the most out of their scanners, printers, digital or analog cameras and also does professional photography including weddings, school photos and family photos.

Together, we teach customized computer classes in Colorado on various topics including; Windows, word processing, databases, spreadsheets, computer security, digital photography, eBay and more. We have taught classes as far away as New York and are available for keynote speeches and corporate training as well.

I can personally guarantee that computer users CANNOT find better prepared, more empathetic, or courteous help anywhere. The big box stores (initials BB and CC) offer "computer help and repair" from barely trained SALES people who have horrid personal skills, little practical computer knowledge, and are more worried about when the next coffee break or day off is than your problem. Of course, there may be exceptions, but the good ones don’t stick around in these jobs very long. 

To schedule onsite training and troubleshooting with Rick, you can call Rick’s phone number at 970-257-0825. Adam can be reached by calling his phone number at 970-201-2250.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer ‘tech support’ type services via the telephone, so these numbers are used strictly for making arrangements for us to make house or office calls or to setup a customized class for your organization or business. 

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