What does default mean?

The word default in tennis, is not the same as the word default in computers.

In the computer world, the word default means, what your computer will do when you don’t tell it to do something else.

Most families have two or more cars. Chances are that each member of the family has their favorite car to drive. If they have to go somewhere, there is a good chance that they will drive the same car every time. This, in the computer world, would be considered the default car for that person.

When you type a document on your computer, the font selected is probably Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica or Garamond. The font that your computer has set every time you go into the program is the default font.

If you have two or more printers, one of those printers is where documents will go when you hit the print button, unless you make an effort to direct the job to the other printer. This is the default printer.

So, that’s default. Use it three times today and the word is yours.

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